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Who we once were in small business

It has been one heck of a year as a small local business. But, a new one has begun:) I leave the “lack of elaboration” of what kind of year 2020 has been for my business as I am one of the millions who lived, loved and lost and suffer the war wounds to show for it. But, a new year has begun. What does that mean? At the moment, for many, not much has changed. In fact, things seem as though they are getting worse with extended lockdowns, further revenue loss, government support taking longer due to the increase (overflowing) of applicants....and the list goes on. Yet, something is happening that we cannot deny. Our experience living in this climate combined with new thoughts on what we can become with small goals is giving us hope. Hope that even though we may not be who we once were in our small, local businesses, we are being made “new”. This is our joy.

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