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Summer, A Time To Reflect

How may of us wait for those warmer days, the ones that take us back to childhood? We long for open windows, sitting outside, late evening walks and warm summer breezes. Why is it we almost come alive with the summer? I would say we overall feel better, am I right? The beauty of the season of summer brings with it moments to reflect on our lives, including, what do I really want to achieve with my small business these next several months. One thing I have discovered with my visits to other small businesses (now some of them back in the bricks) is, I am evolving into a business unlike what I ever imagined. This is what happens as we grow. Yes, we set our goals, have our objectives, include our dreams in the planning but, as we have discovered, life happens!  As small business owners we have to adapt, change with the trends yes but, adapt more with the change in our business surroundings. I am currently home full time with a full house of family, varying schedules, an elderly parent with care in and out......when can I really focus on my plan for next steps? Yet, my family has given me incredible ideas; the spontaneous creative bursts that have happened, have allowed me to tap into skills I didn't know I was capable of. I have also had those rare quiet moments to reflect on why I was inspired to begin a small, community based business (millpondpics for example has evolved from a single shot at the right moment at the Mill Pond which sparked an idea) My point is, if I hadn't taken that walk midday outside of what I use to do midday in the bricks, I wouldn't have taken the shot that got me thinking, who is Mill Pond Card & Gift and where did I get my inspired, think outside the box, don't try to be like another small business, ask really tough questions and then, wait, listen and be amazed.

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