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Seeing Rabbits.

The last few weeks I have been scrambling to get to the shop and pumping in 150% of my energies to sell down the excessive amount of stock we have before our store front leases. As many of you know, we are not able to manage the retail space and made the tough decision to exercise our right to sub lease. It has been an extremely painful process especially when you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating a space you can truly call your own. I loved being in my shop, after all it was mine. As every good business owner knows, especially for those of us who have poured their hearts and souls into it, it becomes an extension of ourselves. But, in business it is necessary to “roll” with the punches. (I’ve become wiser because of it) If you want to move beyond this moment in history, you’ve got to get creative with it, pivot to the next big thing.  Let’s get back to rabbits. There hasn’t been a day in the last three weeks (if not longer), I haven’t seen a rabbit at some point in my day. It’s not specific with regards to time but, it is daily. I began to catch myself wondering, when, where, what time…almost to the point of obsession. Why was I catching sight of a rabbit daily since I’ve been working like a mad woman at the shop. Then the story of meeting my husband rose to the surface. He explained to me rabbits have a history of being seen when God wants to give you a sign of hope. It was an extremely consoling thought at this time of transition and change. Whether this is true or not isn’t important. The lesson learned is, even at those moments when we are closing a chapter of our business journey, we are not alone. Whether family, friends, faith, business associates, customers, we have a support system that each one of us needs to learn to press into, to find solace and strength from and, maybe even see a rabbit!

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