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No pain, no gain!

I recently reviewed the stock I have in inventory only to find myself deflated. “Why hasn’t more of these beautiful products sold”, “how am I going to sell before some of these lines becomes obsolete or unsaleable”, “what else can I do on a shoestring budget to sell more”…..I decided to review what I was thinking about and see if there is a common pattern to my train of thought these days. “Sell”, that was what I saw strewn throughout the narrative (mostly in my head) I was repeating to myself. It made sense I was anxious about our sales; what small business isn’t? Yet, was I missing the customer factor? What about the positive feed-back I had received in what direction I was heading with my business or the new connections I had made combined with the loyalty of my regular customer base. These are the moments that we, owners of small businesses, need to listen to our thoughts and ask where are they coming from? Whether your back in the bricks or full-time online, count those small victories daily (I journal them) and use them to build up those sales questions as a motivator and not a source of discouragement.

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