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2022 Ends.

As we approach the end of another year, we each have a way of letting it go. For me, having just a few highlights keeps me from feeling overwhelmed with the reality of being a) a year older and b) my kids being a year older. As much as I am the first to admit that age can serve as a catalyst for new beginnings, it's also a painful reminder that time forges forward with or without us and I really don't want it to move any faster!

As many of you know, this year marks the first year without my dear Mom living in our home. As of March 2022, Mom moved just south of here near family into long term care. I wrote about the transition for me personally as primary coordinator of her care (and some weeks her actual care) a few months back. I can honestly say, with time, I have been able to accept this change but not without hesitation. Every "first" that followed; Easter, birthdays, Christmas and so on, had me second-guessing the decision. I would lament until I calmly sorted through the emotions facing me. It's been a roller coaster to say the least.

Our daughter's dog from Turkey (yes Turkey!) has been the delight of our household, sometimes for weeks on end. As she sometimes travels with her job or commits to engagements that a twenty-six year old should be part of, we have had the pleasure of hosting this fun loving, high spirited one year-old cross breed in our home. Long forest walks, crazy darts across parks and cuddles have made our year with this loveable Moose such a blessing!

My business remains online with regular customers still reaching out. I was asked just before Christmas to do a pop up shop locally at one of the retirement residences. It made me realize that I do miss the regular interactions with customers which has led me to consider a new opportunity recently presented to me which, I believe, will be a great fit (stay tuned for details....)

From a spiritual perspective, I have grown in my faith this year more than what I expected. A daily commitment to prayer has borne much fruit. As many of you know, I am a revert to Christianity coming back to my faith decades ago. This year though was something new for me, an experience I hadn't had before, a reality that became concrete. I knew with certainty that what I had been doing all these years was true. I guess some would call this an awakening of types, I believe its God's way of saying "wake up", you need to draw deeper, you need to listen to what I am saying. So, my journey of faith is almost beginning again and for this, I am truly thankful.

My friends, we see this year end with losses, wins, recoveries, new loves, old ones gone and many many more instances to hold on to what means the most, love. As the late founder of Madonna House Catherine Doherty once said, "love, love, love never counting the cost. This is what I truly believe we should make our goal not just for 2023 but, always.

Wishing you, your families, and all those dear to you a most blessed 2023.



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