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Back in the least temporarily.

A funny thing happened to me these last two weeks, I decided to go back to the bricks, at least temporarily. I had a bit of a revelation as the fall began, one which stayed with me day in and day out. I realized I was not going to be able to create a business I was truly proud of, unless I went through a type of "disconnect" from what I had been these last seven years. I could no longer be an importer/exporter while attempting to establish an local artisan based business. It made sense and explained why I had been feeling so torn in my vision for my company. I didn't look forward to heading back into the trenches of retail, especially under these changed conditions. It was scary and exhausting to consider, yet, I knew I had to face the inevitable, I must sell off, best I can hundreds of products (at a discount price) in order to forge ahead. Two weeks later, I can honestly admit, this was one of the best decisions I have made for my small business. Customers have delighted to see the shop open again with explanation on my whereabouts and plans for the future. The mark down of the product has given a "little something", almost a reward of types, for not being operable in the bricks these last few. With several explanations of my plans for the business, it has been well worth every second I have stood in that beautiful shop. I have found my reason again for the long, gruelling hours of customer service "with a smile". I love to serve; I love the face to face interaction with my customers in the shop or full time online and can hardly wait for what lies ahead!

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